AMM offers unique & versatile Engineering Services to the Aerospace industry. The Aerospace Market today is quite dynamic and affected by the world economics.




AMM is a leading service provider in the Aerospace Industry Vertical, headquartered at Hamburg, Germany. AMM supports its customers with all round partnership models and supports the complete development phase. It offers services in conceptual phase, design and analysis phase, manufacturing engineering support and into the assembly and installation phases of the aircraft.

AMM offers wide range of Services to support their customers in different delivery models in the areas of CAD, CAE in various domains like;

  • Structural Design

  • Electrical Harness

  • Cabin Interiors

  • FEA & CFD

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Tech Pubs

Our CAD, CAE and Tech Pubs experts are headed by Consultants specialsied in various areas with rich industrial experience in Aerospace & Defence sectors. AMM values in providing wide range of support with Quality as its main focus. AMM is continuously developing its network, with needs identified across the industry and integrating the services based on the customer needs.




Automotive Product Planning is the driving force behind the innovation of new cars, leading the way and steering car designs starting from medium-to-long term end user analysis, product strategy, preliminary platform planning, model planning and other processes & optimization that help designers think about the future. The foremost purpose of Product Planning is to define & build competitive, innovative and valuable products by market analysis, end users (consumers) and competitors.

AMM offers unique & versatile Engineering Services for Automotive Industry. With the advent of new technology and innovations, Automotive sector is growing and we see enormous potential for mutual growth (OEMs & their Suppliers).

AMM offers wide range of Services to support their customers in flexible
delivery models in the areas of Embedded Engineering, ADAS, Emobility & Cyber Security

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Embedded Systems

AMM implements
Global Automotive OEM best practices for the industry and methods by working with its
customer  at various locations like Europe and India. This valuable experience is helping AMM to support Automotive OEMs and suppliers in all the phases of product design and development lifecycle.

With the availability of Automotive domain experts for Design and Analysis, AMM offers product design and development solutions ranging from new product design to validation and testing.

Wind Energy



The natural resources are depleting at a fast pace which in turn is creating a challenging environment to produce energy using renewable sources. Number of engineering R & D is going on across the globe to find the best alternate solution to the depleting resources for power generation. It is imperative to find sources which are available in abundance like Wind, Hydro, Solar and Bio degradable resources to produce energy and meet the global demand.

AMM looks at the world always as customer centric. The Wind Energy solutions AMM delivers are always driven by the benefits they render to the customer demands. AMM believes in sustainable business growth and the models are powered by talented intellectuals

AMM has domain expertise and capability in Design, Analysis, Development and Documentation
specific to Wind Energy platforms & Towers, with engineers having experience in working with big OEMs at higher levels of quality and efficiency.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • CAD

  • Wind Energy CAE

  • Fatigue Damage Calculations

  • Structural and Dynamic Analysis

  • CFD

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Composite Repair Cyblades

Banking & Finance



The AMM team is specialized in BFS technologies and developing existing or new solutions for Banking & Finance sector. We provide domain advisory services for banks & financial institutions, leveraging a BFS-centric expert advisory team.

Other Services


    The need for professional project management is increasing due to the increasing complexity of the requirements and the changing economic landscape. Our senior consultants and senior managers help our customers


    Enormous amount of data is being generated by billions of connected devices. But what would an enterprise do with this data? To find BUSINESS VALUE out of it. With the