Enormous amount of data is being generated by billions of connected devices. But what would an enterprise do with this data? To find BUSINESS VALUE out of it. With the advanced data analytics technologies, it is possible to analyse the data to find the underlying pattern that drive the business. This helps the enterprise to make smart decisions and optimize the business processes.

Big Data



Big Data and cloud computing are complementary technological paradigms. Because Cloud offers on-demand availability, analytics platform and scalability for Big Data. Whether it is an online shop, rural health monitoring platform, power grids across the country or the Airport traffic, Cloud and Big Data has the potential to optimize the Business or Service.

AMM has the skills to offer our customer cloud solutions as well as Data Analytics service.

Analytics Skills

  • Hadoop

  • ApacheSpark

  • R

  • SAS

  • Impuls

  • Crossloom

Embedded Systems


In today’s world, prevalence of portable programmable computers and connected devices requires smarter hardware and smarter software. Smarter software because it should optimize the performance of the hardware and also give the best user experience. Needless to say, the system should also follow the Industry Standards.

Our Developers bring not only the industry know-how and the standards, but also the skills to develop software that can run the modern devices.


  • Infotainment

  • Telematics

  • ADAS

  • IVN

  • HMI.

Automotive Tools

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8, UNIX, LINUX, Android Framework.

  • Programming Languages: C, C++, OOPS Concepts, UML.

  • Processor/Microcontroller Architectures: ARM, SH2, V850.

  • Testing Tools: Vector® CANoe, CANalyser, Diva, Geny.

  • Debuggers: JTAG, GDB

Automotive Protocols/Standards

  • CAN

  • MOST

  • I2C

  • UART



  • Cabin Management System

  • Flight Management System

  • Communication Management System

  • Landing Gear Extension

  • Retraction System

  • Central Maintenance System

Aerospace Tools

  • Rhapsody, SAM, TOPCASE, DOORS and Rectify

  • STOOD, MS VISIO, Rational Rose, Rhapsody

  • Artisan and MEF (Model Execution Framework)

  • IBM’s ClearCase, ClearQuest, TeamCenter, SVN, CVS, INCA

  • (Calibration) and SERENA dimensions, RTRT, LDRA, VectorCast

Aerospace Protocols / Standards

  • DO-178B, DO-258B (FANS), DO-280B (ATN), DO-200A, EDXXX

  • (SESAR Datalink formats), Arinc 424-18, A661, A653,

  • Arinc702-A, A629, A429, AFDX, TFTP, MISRA and

  • MILSTD1553B

Industry 4.0


Smart Industry: Connecting Big Data, Cloud and Production Industry

Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial Revolution is about creating smart factory, where cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes and machines, and by the process of monitoring the computer system runs an analytics scheme that optimizes the processes in the system and also takes smart and decentralized decisions.


  • Hardware Design

  • Hardware Testing

  • I2C

  • UART


  • Impuls

  • Crossloom

Software Development

  • Embedded Software

  • Firmware Development

  • HMI

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud Enablement

  • List Title

Other Services


    AMM offers unique & versatile Engineering Services to the Aerospace industry. The Aerospace Market today is quite dynamic and affected by the world economics.  Aerospace ENGINEERING SERVICESTalk To An Expert


    The need for professional project management is increasing due to the increasing complexity of the requirements and the changing economic landscape. Our senior consultants and senior managers help our customers