AMM GroupAutomotive Projects

1. DDS Feature Development:
Drowsiness Detection is a vehicle safety technology, specifically designed to detect driver behavior and fatigue. The OEMs are working towards the development of safety systems to curb the fatalities arising due to driver fatigue and drink-and-drive incidences.
We partnered with one of the Tier-1 suppliers of one of the largest German Automotive OEM develop a prototype for Drowsiness Detection System. The Proof of Concept was developed based on TDA2xx chipsets. The codes were developed in C++ in Autosar 4.x environment.

2. E-Mobility:
Electric Mobility is the need of the hour! In 2021, the market size was ~280bn USD and it is going to reach a staggering 1.5 trillion USD by 2028.
AMM is partnered with a Tier-1 supplier of German OEMs for e-Mobility. The objective of the partnership was to Onboard Charging System for multiple OEMs. AMM was involved in all the phases of V-model. The development was Autosar 4.3.x based and the project was ASPICE 3.0 certified (Client site).
Vehicle Security in e-Mobility – AMM was also involved in Cyber Security. The idea was to ensure the Vehicle to Grid communications were secured and does not allow any malicious activities. The team followed ISO21434 standards and enabled encryptions (PKI).

3. BMS Testing:
AMM is a partner for the leading BMS manufacturer in Germany. Our client is a supplier of BMS systems to OEMs like BMW, VW and Daimler.
AMM is supporting its customer for HIL validation of one of their products. The current system is a 800V Super charger. The tests are carried out according to the specifications provided by the OEMs. The team is HV certified and involved in Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage and Reverse Polarity assessments.

4. Cloud Platform for ADAS:
AMM partnered with a tier-1 automotive customer for development of a cloud native On-prim platform for a German OEM to support ADAS for the PDOs.
AI/ML algorithms was developed on this platform to process the data from the fleet. The data from the test fleet would use the V2C connectivity and send live data to the platform. The primary objective of the project is to allow seamless access to the test data from the development and testing teams. Once fully functional, the PDO will have access for assisted self-service.

5. Infotainment Testing:
AMM is a partner for one of the leading manufacturers in the infotainment domain. Our client is a supplier to OEMs like BMW, VW and Daimler.
AMM is supporting its automotive customer for Testing of Infotainment System. The test plans were Tuner (AM/FM/DAB), Navigation, Media & Connectivity, SWDL (Via USB), Online services. The test plan includes the test functionality, robustness (category test), smoke (Quick) test and stability. Reduction of the test cases are carried out step by step.