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Engineering Services

We specialize in providing cutting-edge Engineering Services that cater to a wide range of high-demand industries. Our vision is to enhance capabilities and offer customized engineering solutions, making innovation an integral part of our communication.

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IT & Software Services

Our focus is on leveraging IT & Software Services to propel business growth in a data-centric environment. Through the application of top-tier tools and strategies, AMM aids companies in elevating digital innovation and optimizing data utilization, ultimately achieving exceptional growth within the digital sphere.

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Tools & Technology Services

Helping enterprises grow with a proper amalgamation of the latest tools and technologies. With a host of well-managed solutions for almost all technological needs, we help various industries meet their immediate and upcoming needs.

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Recruitment Services

AMM offers expert Recruitment Services to assist businesses in hiring the ideal candidates. Through our professional methodology and extensive database, we ensure you find the perfect match for your team.

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Our Process

We deliver Engineering Services and IT & Software Services with a focus on client satisfaction. Our mission is to provide services efficiently, leveraging our combined competencies and expertise. By understanding our clients’ business goals and operational needs, we ensure a well-organized workflow. Our dedicated team of experts work passionately and patiently, utilizing technology& tools to optimize processes and reduce costs. With our innovative engineering ideas and customized IT solutions, we consistently deliver on our promises.

AMM Enterprise GmbH is an ISO 9001:2015 Enterprise, HQ in Hamburg, Germany with its Subsidiaries in India & UK, founded in the year 2015 by like-minded professionals having experience in distinct fields like IT, Aerospace and Automotive industries. Right from the outset, the budding entrepreneur’s shared a common vision of introducing cutting-edge technology to disparate businesses and helping them become more agile and cost-effective. The intent was to arrange a tryst between cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency to garner optimal business outputs.

The company has made human endeavours more productive in the last few years. We take pride that our efforts have led to people living more comfortable lives.

A 200+ strong team of dedicated personnel provides valued services across varied verticals of the Engineering, IT services and Recruitment services sectors.

The industries catered to are also wide-ranging from Aerospace, Automotive, BFSI, Energy, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Transportation, Logistics and Telecommunication.

Why AMM?

Unleash the power of our engineering & IT Services and platforms that withstand disruptions and give a competitive edge.


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Integrated Transformation

Integrated Engineering

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Jump aboard and together we can create a better future. If growth is what you seek, you will find ample opportunities at AMM. You choose the path, we help you navigate. New technologies, better personal traits, great team work, you find all you aspire for. See what befits you and be a part of building a better world.

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Efficiently managing time-driven, result-oriented Engineering and Management Projects end-to-end.

AMM provides real-time visibility of demand, supply, and stock levels to the Retail product manufacturer so that they can optimize their supply-chain.

Drowsiness Detection is a vehicle safety technology, specifically designed to detect driver behavior and fatigue. The OEMs are working towards the dev


AMM narratives of fine engineering and tech solutions

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