AMM GroupBig Data Projects

1. Big Data Retail:

AMM provides real-time visibility of demand, supply and stock levels to the Retail product manufacturer so that they can optimize their supply-chain. In one such case study, various ERP systems from 1800 distributors with average 1.5GB per distributor per day (total 2.7TB per day) was analyzed by AMM and the retail company gained 14% top line growth in first year and approximately bottom-line growth of 8%.

2. Smart Ship:

AMM can carry out Development of predictive model for Ship Fuel consumption based on several operational data. In one such example the Data from ship sensors were pinged to the cloud of AMM customer. AMM used this data to create a predictive model for Specific Fuel Consumption, based on the Ship’s operational data (like Depth, water temperature, GPS coordinate, weight etc.). This predictive model was then plugged in with the ship’s tracking system so that the Ship operator could optimize the fuel consumption.

3. Datacenter Migration:
AMM can provide Information Security Services, Information Security Architecture Support and Functional Analysis in Datacenter Migration. In one such example of datacenter migration, the project was executed with zero downtime and zero operational disruptions and the customer’s business services continued as usual throughout migrations.
AMM carried out the project by assessing and closing GAPs in Information Security of Migration Processes, Migration Engine, Test Environment, Test Resources and applying internal & external Data Protections Standards, applying ISO 27xxx Standards, BSI Standards, Cobit Control Assessment and Execution, Cloud Security Standards.
The tools used were SharePoint, Confluence, JIRA, MS Office, CMDB, Asset Repositories, ServiceNow, ALM, (SPLUNK, Imperva, CyberArc, PowerBroker, other)