AMM GroupEmbedded Projects
1. Composite Repair System:
AMM partnered with tier-1 German electronics manufacturer for Software development for Microcontroller based Composite Repair Systems. In one such case, an ARM7 based system was developed for the repair of Composite parts for the Aerospace Industry. The microcontroller allowed digital control of the heating of the parts being repaired. Earlier, this was being done by analogue heating. An HMI was developed on an Intel Celeron based Fanless Linux PC. A standard ARM7 board (ODROID C1+) was used to develop the system. The tools used were C++, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML.

2. HS CAN Board Design:
AMM had partnered with tier-1 German electronics manufacturer for the design of CAN board hardware using Schematics – OrCAD 16.1 and Routing, Gerber – Allegro 16.6 tools and technologies. In one such case, the Schematic Preparation, Board level Routing and Gerber generation were done for Hi-speed CAN Controller PCB. The key components involved in the designing of CAN board hardware were USB interface, CAN controller and TI TMS controller. This project was complained with IPC Standard.