AMM GroupIT Projects

1. Credit Card Fraud Detection:
As more and more businesses are facing credit card fraud and identity theft, the popularity of “fraud detection” trend is rising in the market.

AMM has done Credit card Fraud detection for one of the largest US based card companies. Our cross-verification process showed fraud detection with 95% confidence level. We have developed a training model and feature extraction based on historical data.

2. Identity & Access Management:
AMM experts are working with Tier-1 German customer. Our engineers are developing IAM solution using SailPoint technology.

A secure identity and access management solution helped our client to increase operational efficiency, enhance data security and streamline processes required to manage their business needs such as compliance, roles and privileges, audit reporting and access control.

Migrate the Legacy IAM Solution to SailPoint. New Core IAM solution is necessary to get agile and auditable access request processes and regular certification for critical accounts, if required. Implement Joiner, Mover, Leaver custom workflows and implement User Self Service Module.

3. IT Infrastructure Development:
AMM experts/engineers are working on IT infrastructure development project for one of our leading retail customers. Our team is involved in Modernization of the existing Infrastructure, Architecting, planning and budgeting also installation and support.

4. Azure Development:
We, at AMM, provide the data management solution and analytics for Azure development, which includes creation of ADF pipelines for various sources like Amazon S3, file share, SAP, Oracle, Teradata, SharePoint, IoT hub, manual files, blob storage, SSIS packages.

Data extractions from on-premises sources and delta extraction methods from source systems to ADLS. AMM reviews individual projects ingesting data into Azure Data Lake based on the feedback received on reference architecture, naming conventions, guidelines and best practices.