AMM GroupWind Energy Projects

1. Structural Calculation of Cast Components:
AMM is working with one of the tier-1 German wind energy customer for structural calculation of the various cast components. The components which are modeled and analyzed, are Hollow shafts, Main frames, Hub, Lower deck, Brake disk, Bolt Holes, etc. The main tasks included are structural calculation of the components, ultimate load calculation, stress check for nacelle frames and service feasibility check. The tools used are ANSYS, Hypermesh and Excel.

2. Bolted Joints Calculations:
AMM is working with one of the tier-1 German wind energy customer for Bolted joint calculations. The Bolted Joints are between the Hub to Rotor Shaft, Main bearing Bolts, Yew Bearing Bolts, Gearbox Bolts and Tower Flange Bolts. The Welded Joints are between Tower Top Flange and Tower Lifting Bracket. AMM also carried out Bolt calculation as per VDI2230, Bolted Joint failure calculation, Tightening factor evaluation, Gap and slippage analysis, Weld Calculation according to DNVGL and IIW regulation. The tools used were ANSYS and Excel.

3. Structural Calculation Of WTG:
AMM is also supporting its tier-1 German wind energy customer for Structural calculation of the WTG. The joints which are analyzed are the Pitch Shaft, Pitch Housing, Pitch Bearing, Hub, Generator Housing, Radial and Axial Bearing. AMM also carried out the Ultimate Load Calculation, Fatigue Calculation, bearing simulation to accommodate bearing stiffness, Global FEM modelling and analysis, Safety assessment using Ultimate load and Fatigue calculations. The tools used were ANSYS and Excel.

4. Advanced Blade Repair for Wind Turbine:

AMM partnered with one of the tier-1 German wind energy customer for the Advanced blade repair system for wind turbine blades.

In one such case, a new hardware was developed to utilize inductive heating technique. Wireless connectivity was enabled between the HMI and microcontroller. Intel Atom based HMI device was created using Linux OS. A failsafe design of the entire system was created to avoid wireless disconnection. Cloud based mobile app was being developed for remote operation by quality managers. The tools used were C++, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML.