State of the Art MRO Solutions & Why We Recommend

After the great success by becoming the technology partner for the Corsair Project, AMM now focuses on developing MRO solutions using contemporary strategies. For Corsair, AMM involved in Overall Aircraft Design, Analysis, Documentation and Testing.

At present we are executing Aerospace & Wind Energy Projects in Engineering and Information Technology at our subsidiaries. We have formed alliances with major Small Aircraft Manufacturers of Europe. These manufacturers are interested in Indian Markets and thus look forward to associate with the Indian companies to develop and manufacture parts and components in India

As a Sales & Technology Partner, we basically act as a bridge between the Make in Germany and the Make in India drive. In India, we are partnered with two Manufacturing Houses. The Sales organisation comprises of German and Indian professionals.

AMM’s Big Data – MRO Solution

MRO on Cloud

Transform your manual workplace into an agile digital workshop.

Assists in reducing Lead-time

Assists in reducing errors from human factors

Our MRO Solutions can support either individually or collectively all of the three above mentioned processes. In other case we can tailor make the solution to adapt with your current processes/MRO Setup.

One of the major advantages is that we have our own Analytics Platform and we have successfully deployed this across several Industries. The solutions are at least 25% cost effective compared to the market. ETL tools and Machine Learning algorithms are inbuilt and no or very less additional programming effort is required to develop and deploy a solution.

We have completed projects in Retail, Customer Care, Parking Lot Analytics, Social Media, Smart Street Lights and Credit Card Fraud Detection, Just to name a few. Our proven excellence in our past projects is what makes us push forward. A good day to all of you.

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